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Expert Woodworking Expert Woodworking is owned and operated by Bob & Eileen Tupper since 1974. We literally started in our garage! We keep our business small enough to maintain control of the quality and the operations on the shop floor. We are very hands-on with every project from the largest remodel to the smallest chair repair. Our shop is complete with modern equipment and very talented and dedicated craftsmen. We have ‘Old School’ work ethic and very high standards. We believe that hard work, dedication, honesty, and treating people with respect are the foundations of our success. In other words- We conduct business in a respectful and professional manner.   Bob & Eileen Tupper We bring 40 years of furniture and cabinet experience to the local residential market. We have extensive knowledge of (and deep interest in) architecture, furniture styles, and design. We can identify almost all furniture and architectural styles, and can usually verify their authenticity. We are versatile, not stuck in any ruts , and always keep a keen eye out for new and exciting ideas. We know how central quality cabinets and furniture are to your home and lifestyle, and we take great pride in your satisfaction. Please check Yelp, and Facebook for more photos and updates!
Remodeling and Home DesignRemodeling and Home Design
Expert Woodworking, Inc.
924 Broadway Street • Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: 650.364.6168 • Fax: 650.369.2624
email: btupper@expertwoodworking.net
California Contractors License #916868