Antique Roadshow

Are you afraid to touch your old antique because it may be worth $1,000,000? This is how Expert Woodworking feels:
  1. If a piece of furniture needs work, and you don’t keep it up it, then goes into a state of dis-repair. It will be more susceptible to staining if the finish has worn off, and the stains may go deep and never come out. If the damage is loose or broken joints, then the stress from the weakness gets delivered to the rest of the piece potentially causing more damage. The piece may fail and break while someone is using it, a chair for example. We believe in maintenance and up keep for furniture that is in use.
  2. Our belief is if you truly have a valuable piece, take it out of service. Stop using it, protect it, and store it. Don’t refinish, or repair it. Consider it an investment. You may want an appraisal to firm up your decision.
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