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Conversion Varnish Expert Woodworking use conversion varnish, and the word ‘conversion’ means that a catalyst is added, which causes a cross-linking of molecules. Conversion varnish is much more impervious to water, heat, household chemicals than air dry finishes. Most projects are done in ‘Medium Rubbed’ sheen, which is not shiny, but has a beautiful and long lasting deep luster. Gloss, Dead Flat and anything in between is available as well, it all depends on exactly what YOU are looking for. California Regulations Many of our clients say that other (modular) cabinet companies tell them that their finish is so strong, and that they can’t be applied in California because of environmental regulations. Sorry, nice try, but just not true. While we adhere to environmental regulations, our finishes are extremely durable, and beautiful and will only enhance the decor of your home. Finishing Procedures Much of the quality, and long lasting properties of any high-quality finishing job is in the preparation. Expert Woodworking always follows proper finishing procedures, adequate dry time between steps, and thorough scuff sandings between coats. This gives excellent adhesion of the finish which means longer wearing, and less chipping.
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