Furniture Quiz

1. What is the difference between Boiled Linseed Oil and Raw Linseed Oil? A: Raw Linseed Oil never dries, Boiled Linseed Oil does dry. The days of actually boiling Linseed Oil are long gone (probably after a few thousand buildings burned down), and now chemical drying agents are used instead. Linseed Oil is an awesome protective film, even outdoors Linseed Oil offers long lasting protection. CAUTION: Rags wet with Linseed Oil can and do spontaneously combust (I’ve seen it happen several times). Please either hang them up until dry and stiff, or soak in a bucket of water. Then discard properly. 2. What causes most finishes to fail? A: Expansion and contraction of the substrate. Temperature variations each day cause wood to expand and contract, and the finish must stretch and shrink along with it. After time, the finish loses its plasticity and instead of stretching, it starts to crack. Moisture can enter through the micro cracks and begin to lift the finish off the wood. This is why proper finishing procedures and quality materials are so important. In other words, a good job simply lasts longer. Other things to avoid, hot items from the oven, over watering of plants, direct sunlight.
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